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My Brother My Friend  / Trey Merrick

I still can't believe youre gone my heart aches all the time thinking about you. And I pray daily for your mama and family. You are always with me my brother.

Love Trey

Missing You  / Pam (Sister)

We all miss you so much. I have so much I would love to tell you. You have been gone only 2 years but it seems like a  lifetime to us. You were the rock that held our family. We all could tell you anything and you always had a way of tell us what we needed to here. It meant so much to me that you were there to give me away when Dave and I got married. That meant so much to both of us. Dave loved you as a brother. I just wanted to let you know how much I love you and miss. I think you probably already know. I do know that you are looking down on us all. You are in a much better place. Someday we will get to see you again. Take care of my two babies up there and the rest of our family Tell Granddad Vaughn we love him and miss you. Until we see you again.


Love you


A Poem I wrote for you...  / Sheli (Cousin)
Bright light

We missed u when u left
Unprepared for what came next
We trudge on day by day
Wishing u were here
Knowing you can't be
But hope remains in our hearts
That one day we shall be reunited again
To see your beautiful smile and all the happiness you have received 
You're the reason we remain on this path
Never to lose ourselves never to lose u
You have a one of a kind heart that shines so bright
We could see it in the foggiest of fogs in the blackest of the darkest night
That way we always know our way.... to u...

Forever in our hearts and always on our mind x0x0
Love you and miss you!!!
My Friend/Brother  / Trey Merrick
I miss you and Love You Eddie you are missed I find myself talking about you and wanting to pick up the phone. I dream about you like its real and wake up wanting to reach for the phone only to realize you wont answer. You will never be forgotten.

The Loss Of A Cousin 

Collette N. Alaniz
My eyes filled up with tears as I heard the news
It never occurred to me how much I could lose
I find myself wishing that it wasn't real
Every time I think about it pain is all I can feel
Tears fall from my eyes I can barely see
But my heart tells me that he'll always be with me
I’m glad he feels no pain now-he lives in a perfect land
I can still feel the soft touch on my shoulder of his loving hand
I lie in bed and cry at night
And I don’t feel any better in the morning light
And I will love and miss him forever
Until the day we are again together.
Together in that perfect place above
Filled with caring sharing and love
But until that day comes- I will wipe my tears away.
And hopefully see him again someday

I love you always lovey!

We miss you so much.  I wish you were here to see my little one but I know you already have.  You knew about her before I did :) I know you are with us, watching out for her and I.  I love knowing we have our own guardian angel.  You, Kasey and Grandad Buddy are smiling down upon us... We still think of you and talk about you on a daily basis :) We did a tribute to you for your birthday, several to be exact... I know you were there smiling :) ...Or thinking these girls are nuts.

~Always on our mind & forever in our hearts~  / Sheli (Cousin)

Gone but not forgotten

Gone but not forgotten
This pain I cannot hide
In memory I see you
A million tears I've cried.

The tender thoughts you left me
Come to my memory
Your loving smile so precious
Will always be with me.

You visit me in summer
When flowers are in bloom
Upon a ray of sunshine
A star-lit night in Juni.

When winds are gently blowing
Across a cloudless sky
Within a rolling meadow
Where horse and cattle lie.

I see you in the treetops
As summer comes to be
In shadows you do linger
A soul so young and free.

I see you in the garden
Your scent does fill the air
Just like a precious flower
A rose so ever fair.

On country roads I find you
Along the wooded lane
Within the distant thunder
I see you in the rain.

In early hush of morning
You come without a sound
Upon a blazing sunset
Your memory can be found.

Like sprigs of morning glory
Upon the vine they grow
With branches reaching outward
Into my heart you go.

Just like a special angel
God wrapped you in His care
And took you off to heaven
To live with Him up there.

But often I still see you
Upon a light blue sky
And long so much to hold you
Why did you have to die?

~Marilyn Ferguson

I miss you.  / Janna Fleming (Friend/Family)
I just miss you.....that's just the way it is. I know things will never be the same but I also know that I will probably never be able to accept that. I'm so sad you weren't with us on Saturday. You would have loved it. I still have your phone number in my phone. I have often thought of calling you number even though I know you're not there to answer. I just can't make myself delete it. I just miss you so.
Remember Eddie on May 1st  / Sheli And Beth (Cousins)
*EVERYONE*Saturday will be 1 year since Our Eddie has been gone.  Plz join us in a rememberance of his life and anywhere you liveout of town-out of state-release a balloon in his honor.  We will be releasing PINK and RED balloons with messages to him Saturday.  We all miss him terribly everyday and our hearts ache without him here with us.  Please think of him and say a prayer for Our Eddie MAY 1ST*
We all miss you  / Pam Horton (Sister)

I can't believe that's its been almost a year since you were taken from us. I know that you are in a much better place now. I have so much I want to tell you that has happened since you left us. You were always my rock. I could call you and you always made me feel better. You would always listen and then give me the advise that you knew would help me. Life will never be the same without you here. I had a truckdriver call this week for directions to the store he sounded so much like you that it took me back. I wanted to say hey little brother then I realized it wasn't you. I dream about you almost everynight.

Just wanted to tell you how much I love and miss you as we all do. I know you are watching over us all. Sometimes that's all that keeps me going. I know you are decorating and doing hair up there. I can't wait to see you someday.


Love ya


On my way Buddy  / Trey Merrick (Best Friend Forever )
I wish Heaven had a phone so I could hear your voice again. I thought of you today but that is nothing new. I thought about you yesterday and days before that too. I think of you in silence I often speak your name. All I have are memories and a picture in a frame. Your memory is a keepsake from which I'll never.part. God has you in his arms I have you in my heart.

It may seem crazy but I still have your cell #'s in my phone in case.
Missing you  / Trey Merrick (Friend)
I miss you every single day and miss the family too. My heart hurts alot thinking about you.
Happy Birthday Lovey!  / Sheli Richardson (Cousin)

Dearest Eddie
You’ve been gone for 6 months & yet it feels like yesterday. I can’t begin to describe the pain and sorrow we all still feel. I don’t think a day goes by that we don’t think of you or say “Hey Eddie would love that”. The holidays are right around the corner and I know it’s going to be a difficult time without you here. We won’t see your bright shining face or that one-of-a-kind smile this year. Life just isn’t the same without you in it.
Happy Birthday Lovey!
Love you & Thinking of you Always

My dear sweet Eddie  / Aunt Debi (Aunt)

Its almost that time again. Your birthday and Beths.  It is so hard for us to celebrate without you here with us.  Beth has always celebrated her birthday with you.  We miss you more and more everyday.  We think of you always and we miss you so much.  Life will never be the same for any of us.  Halloween is hard for us this year.  That is another thing that we all had in common our love of Halloween and this time of the year.  Dont worry about Linda she is doing well and I will always take care of her.  Buddy and Miss Minnie B are doing fine.  All our love for always.  You are forever in our hearts. 


Oh Eddie...  / Beth Richardson (Cousin)

I wish everyday I could live my life and be as understanding to all situations the way you are instead of being so one sided and hard headed.  We all miss you so much and it gets worse as your birthday gets closer.  Just need you to talk to.

Give us strength and guide us.


love you always


Another Poem  / Sheli Richardson (Cousin)


Mike Brown

I'll never forget the times we talked
I'll never forget the secrets.
I keep them in my heart they're locked.
All the times we shared so happily.

I'll always remember the way you laughed
Your smile and your scent.
All the times we shared together
All the times that we spent.

Holiday get together's will never be the same
without you there to share the joy.
To watch the kiddies grow and play
and their excitement of a new toy.

Now that you're gone
all we can do is cry
because if love alone could have saved you
you never would have died.

Everyday... / Beth Richardson-Arie (Cousin)
Its been a long time since ive posted anything on here for you at least it seems long to me...even though every time i close my eyes i can see you laughing and spending time with us like you are right here with me.  numerous times i have gone into a room and the entire room smells like you like you were just standing in there.  every morning i wake up and the golden girls are on i think of you-as blanche walks away-haha-"as jumpy as a virgin at a prison rodeo" 
I wish you were here so badly.  i start cosmo for hair on the 14th....i was scared to do hair at first....so i was doing nails-i love the nails but i feel more confident now to do hair...i just wish you were here to help.  i want to make you proud... so guide me-and guide my scissors.

we all love you so much and miss you
Someone's Watching Over Me  / Sheli Richardson (Cousin)

"Someone's Watching Over Me"

by Hilary Duff

Found myself today
Oh I found myself and ran away
Something pulled me back
The voice of reason I forgot I had
All I know is you're not here to say
What you always used to say
But it's written in the sky tonight

So I won't give up
No I won't break down
Sooner than it seems life turns around
And I will be strong
Even if it all goes wrong
When I'm standing in the dark I'll still believe
Someone's watching over me

Seen that ray of light
And it's shining on my destiny
Shining all the time
And I wont be afraid
To follow everywhere it's taking me
All I know is yesterday is gone
And right now I belong
To this moment to my dreams

So I won't give up
No I won't break down
Sooner than it seems life turns around
And I will be strong
Even if it all goes wrong
When I'm standing in the dark I'll still believe
Someone's watching over me

It doesn't matter what people say
And it doesn't matter how long it takes
Believe in yourself and you'll fly high
And it only matters how true you are
Be true to yourself and follow your heart

So I won't give up
No I won't break down
Sooner than it seems life turns around
And I will be strong
Even if it all goes wrong
When I'm standing in the dark I'll still believe
That I won't give up
No I won't break down
Sooner than it seems life turns around
And I will be strong
Even when it all goes wrong
When I'm standing in the dark I'll still believe
That someone's watching over
Someone's watching over
Someone's watching over me

Someone's watching over me


Thinking of you always!

Love you




Lost Loved One  / Pam Horton (Sister)

Looking into the hour glass of time,

Remembering all you have done,

You were more than just a brother,

You were a friend,

You were there when needed,

There when a good laugh was required,

But yet you were my brother,

I hope that you knew,

I tried to do the same for you,

You touched so many lives,

Even though you didn't know,

You were my kid's mentor,

Their teacher,

Their buddy,

But you were still my brother,

All the pain you felt no one knew,

All your frustrations,

All your sorrow,

Is gone from you now,

You are happy once again,

No more pain,

No more frustrations,

You are walking again,

You will always remain in our hearts.

Always in our thoughts,

To our lost loved one,

We all love you.

By: Lady Rider

Always on my mind & forever in my heart  / Sheli Richardson (Cousin)

I can't seem to get you off my mind. Everywhere I look I see reminders of you. It doesn't make sense to me that someone who accomplished so much and who is loved by so many could be taken so suddenly. It just isn’t fair!

I’ve been having a difficult time lately with this last shot of Lupron and what happened to you. I’m like an emotional wreck. I’m surprised anyone wants to be near me. I know that wouldn’t matter to you. You would just tell me a silly story to make me feel better and we would laugh and go on. You helped me through so much more than you realize and I thank you for that. No matter what I needed, shoulder to cry on, you were always there to do whatever you could. I will always remember that time you moved me out of that last apartment and laugh. There’s actually so many fun and hilarious moments I've had with you.

I’ve been watching this movie and (I think I remember you and mom watching it together one night) I just know you would really like it. It’s kind of our thing. You know, not a normal movie or something many people would like. See, there’s so much I need to talk to you about. I think, right now I just need someone who believes in me. You were always there to cheer me on and make me get back on that horse even when I failed (and that’s been a lot). I can't seem to succeed with much of anything. Whenever I think I may want to start a project or try something new I discourage myself.

Next weekend there’s a Spirit Fair that Beth and I are planning on going to. It’s going to be so hard. You were always the one who went with me and now I don’t have you. In the shape Nanny's in I don’t have Aunt Linda or Mom. OH, I wanted to update you on the Nanny situation. I went up there last weekend and she seemed to be doing as good as a 92 year old woman can do after all that’s happened. She’s still having problems with her hip and still has her good and bad days. I know that you're watching over her.

And Eddie, I have ALWAYS been proud of you and proud to be related to you no matter the circumstances! I wish I could be half as sweet, caring, understanding, unjudgemental and easy going as you.

I love you and miss you sooo much!!!
Love you always,

If tears could build a stairway
And memories were a lane,
I would walk right up to Heaven
To bring you home again.
No farewell words were spoken.
No time to say goodbye.
You were gone before we knew it,
And only God knows why.
My heart still aches in sadness
And secret tears still flow.
What it meant to lose you,
No one will ever know

That poem just says it all Baby!!!

***Here are the lyrics to One Sweet Day. It's sort of the way I feel (I know you know what I mean) and I cry every time I listen to it***

One Sweet Day lyrics
Sorry I never told you
All I wanted to say
And now it's too late to hold you
'Cause you've flown away
So far away

Never had I imagined
Living without your smile
Feeling and knowing you hear me
It keeps me alive

And I know you're shining down on me from heaven
Like so many friends we've lost along the way
And I know eventually we'll be together
One sweet day

Darling I never showed you
Assumed you'd always be there
I took your presence for granted
But I always cared
And I miss the love we shared

Although the sun will never shine the same again
I'll always look to a brighter day
Lord I know when I lay me down to sleep
You will always listen as I pray

Sorry I never told you
All I wanted to say




Good-bye to a dear friend  / Shelley Guatney (client/friend)

I was a client of Ed's for many, many years, even traveling to Tulsa when he began working there, then back to Bartlesville with his own shop. I loved the "Hello Gorgeous" name. That was Ed. To him, every woman was gorgeous. I remember once telling him that I was just plain FAT. Ed said, "You're not fat, you're just curvy." How sweet.

Over the years, our relationship became a friendship. Not as deep as some I have realized from reading the tributes, but Ed let me into a part of his life that was beyond the surface. I have always treasured that trust, and now in his passing, hold those memories dear.

We trusted each other with confidences from our personal lives, and at a particularly difficult time in mine, Ed was great to share with me the art of revenge. Of course, it was all in good fun, but so typical Ed, an effective, yet harmless plan!

There was a goodness and deep kindness about Ed that I carry with me, and hope to show others even a fraction of the caring and respect that he displayed. At his memorial service, the pastor said that "relationships are more important than accomplishments." I believe that Ed had both, however, that statement has become very meaningful in my life.

Thank you, God, for your gift of Ed, and for allowing me to be a part of his life. I, along with others, don't understand why he is gone, but I know he is in your care. Gone from our sight, but not from our hearts.

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